Jan 24, 2010

Meet my Blogroll: Baby Toolkit

I've been reading Baby Toolkit for a few years now, and I love the sense of humor that Adrienne and Jim bring to their blog. Check out their recent post mocking the CPSC's holiday safety warning. I also admire and envy Adrienne's sewing and crafting ability, as demonstrated by these cloth crowns she gives out as birthday gifts. Don't you wish she knew your kids so they could have one of these beauties? (This is slightly off-topic, but a while back, we saw a boy – about 6 years old, I'd guess – in medieval costume at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Apparently it was the boy's favorite outfit and he insisted on wearing it wherever he went. Somehow it was more unexpected than the 4-year-old muscled Spiderman we saw at the dentist's office. Talk about a child who'd love to receive one of Adrienne's crowns!)

Adrienne and Jim also share their passion for family game nights (read their reviews), which is useful if you want to know if a game is appropriate for your child. They also share random useful tips, like how to involve your pre-writing child in sending thank you notes and using vinegar to combat hard water issues in the dishwasher.

And back in 2008, Adrienne had an article published in Parents magazine. It was very cool to open up the issue that arrived in the mail and tell everyone that I "knew" the author!

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adrienne said...

Thank you Cathy for the kind mention. I'd love to make your kids some crowns! Email me favorite colors, and I'll get some in the works.