Nov 12, 2009

LAUSD Program Choices: Application Deadline is December 18, 2009

I've previously discussed the various public school options in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which most notably include magnet schools. Since Alex will be entering kindergarten next year, I've been monitoring the eChoices web site, which is LAUSD's informational site.

Last October, there was an informational session at UCLA, so I kept waiting for the announcement about this year's session. But October came and went without any announcement, and I had to conclude that the session was a casualty of the district's massive budget cuts. In fact, the site remained unchanged from last school year.

Until this week.

For the first time, there was a new date at the upper right, indicating this year's application deadline of December 18, 2009. That's almost a month earlier than last year (when applications were due on January 9 of this year).

Applications were mailed to the homes of current LAUSD students on Friday, November 6. For those like me who don't have any students enrolled yet, you can pick up an application at your local LAUSD school, Los Angeles Public Libraries, and at Local District offices in late November, or at the Student Integration Services office at 333 South Beaudry Avenue, 25th Floor, in Los Angeles (90017).

One thing to keep in mind about the magnet program is that each year that you're rejected, you accumulate "wait list" points that can help you get accepted the following year. Several of the magnet schools start in the first grade, so my plan is to apply to one of the few kindergarten magnets with the hope of getting rejected. (You don't accumulate points if you get in and then decline to attend.) Then if we decide that a magnet school is in our best interest come first grade, we'll be in the best position possible to get into that school.

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