Oct 16, 2009

Trick or treat alternatives

We don't live on a street where there are a lot of houses or families, so trick or treating on our street isn't an option. Here are some non-traditional alternatives to consider if you're in the same situation:

Halloween Party - My mom's group has thrown a pot-luck Halloween party every year since our kids were born. The pot-luck makes it easier on the host, and it's a nice chance for us moms to catch up. The party is generally on a Saturday even if Halloween is during the week, so it's usually just an extra chance for the kids to dress up.

Go to the mall - Our local shopping mall has a trick-or-treat event in the early evening on Halloween. I recommend going early, since some of the stores run out of supplies within the first half-hour. The great thing about this event is that some stores give out non-candy items

Reverse trick-or-treating - This works especially well if your child is very young. Take him to an office, hospital or retirement home and give out candy.

Go to a friend's house - If you have a friend who does live on a friendly street, ask if you can join them for trick or treating.

Invite some friends over - Maybe you're not the only one who doesn't want to go trick or treating in your neighborhood. Invite a few friends with kids over and decorate or carve pumpkins, watch a Halloween-themed movie, or tell spooky stories. Alternatively, your child could host a sleepover with close friends.

Attend a special event - Many churches and community centers host trick or treat events. A friend's church does a "trunk" or treat in the parking lot, with parishioners handing out candy from the trunks of their cars.

Whatever you do, be sure to discuss your plans with your child before Halloween. Meltdowns are much less likely if your child knows what to expect!


Cheapskate Sandy said...

Also, come cities and communities have Halloween parades!

Christina said...

These are great ideas!

You could also do scavenger hunt for candy around your home and yard with your children and a few of their friends.

Being creative is so much fun!

Chief Family Officer said...

@Sandy & Christina - Great ideas, thanks!