Oct 27, 2009

Quick Product Reviews: Fast Food Edition

McDonald's Angus Burger - I haven't tried this personally, but Marc hated it when he tried it several months ago. I got confirmation of his opinion when a friend of ours said he actually took one bite and threw the rest of the burger away because it was so bad.

Carl's Jr. "Big Carl" Burger - This is the Carl's version of a Big Mac, except better. It's so huge, I can't come close to finishing it. I like the flame-grilled taste on the meat, which makes it tangibly better than a Big Mac. There's also full lettuce leaves rather than shredded. Right now, it's just $1.99, which is an incredible price for such a large burger. Plus, we've been getting Carl's coupons in the mail and newspaper that have a coupon for a free medium drink when you buy a Big Carl.

Taco Bell Volcano Burrito & Taco - Should I be embarrassed that I really like Taco Bell? I used to get cravings for it when I was pregnant - back then, I would get the Crunch Wrap Supreme. These days, I get a Volcano Taco (or two), or if I'm really hungry, a Volcano Burrito. They're spicy in that Taco Bell kind of way - I think of it as a fake heat, since it's not like there's real chile peppers in there. The important thing is, it always hits the spot.

Quiznos Classic Cobb Flatbread Salad - I have this salad infrequently and I'm always surprised by how good it is. Maybe it's because I have low expectations of a fast food salad, but I always finish it - and the flatbread is yummy.


Jennifer Moore said...

I didn't like the McD's Angus burger either. =P

Unknown said...

I completely agree on the McDs Burger!

Jennifer Y. said...

I just had to comment that I LOVE the crunchwrap supreme at Taco Bell!!! When I was pregnant, we lived in old house which was about 2 blocks from Taco Bell--and on the way home. Bad news. I was there all the time!!

CJ said...

I had the McD's Angus mushroom and swiss burger several times when the free coupons came out a few months ago and thought they were great.

Brittany said...

I really like the mushroom and swiss angus burger from McD's. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but I liked it. I haven't tried the other ones.

I had a cruchwrap supreme last week and it was awful. I used to like them. I don't know if they changed something or what but I didn't like it this time.

Chief Family Officer said...

Hm, I might have to give the Angus mushroom and swiss a try. It's been a while since I've had a Crunch Wrap Supreme, I hope they haven't changed it much!