Sep 21, 2009

Quick Product Reviews: Some new products

Here's my latest round of quick product reviews:

Nabisco Toasted Toasted Chips - These are a bit healthier than Wheat Thins and Trader Joe's cheese sandwich crackers, and they're quite tasty. I give them a big thumbs up.

Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack Oreo Chewy Granola Bar - I didn't like the texture or taste of these at all. Plus, to get it down to 100 calories, they had to make it quite small, so it's altogether not very satisfying.

Edge Hydrate shaving gel - This had a strong medicine-y smell that took some getting used to. But it's not a bad smell, and it didn't linger. So I'll continue to buy it and Marc will continue to use it as long as it's free.

Knorr Pasta Sides Alfredo - I got a free packet to review from All You magazine, as part of their Reality Checkers program. I wasn't crazy about this instant side dish, because it was soupy and didn't have much taste, although the pasta did come out a nice texture. I added peas, shrimp and grated Parmesan to make a complete entree, which made the dish okay. It certainly was a quick and easy meal for a weeknight, but not one that I'll be repeating.

Yoplait FiberOne Yogurt (Vanilla) - This tasted very chemical-ly, to the point where I only ate one of the four cups. The cups are also small, to keep the calorie content to 50. That itself didn't bother, but I really didn't care for the taste. However, if the chemical taste doesn't bother you, then this is certainly an easy way to get 5 grams of fiber very quickly.

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