Aug 24, 2009

Meet my Blogroll: Baby Cheapskate

If you have young children, I hope you're already acquainted with Baby Cheapskate – it was one of the first blogs I started reading, and I think it's a must-subscribe blog for any parent with young kids. I'm actually a little sad that I – or my kids, rather – are outgrowing BC, because it's been such a fabulous resource on all kinds of baby-related deals.

Angie has a super handy spreadsheet that every parent who buys diapers ought to memorize (or at least keep a copy of in their wallet) – it lists the target price of diapers by brand and size. Unless you're using cloth diapers, this is vital information that will save you hundreds of dollars through your child's first three years or so.

In addition to diaper deals, Angie keeps me up to date on the latest sales and bargains on baby and kid-related products. Right now, I'm keeping an eye on BC for car seat deals (I'm looking to buy a couple more Nautilus seats in the near future, and Angie tells me I might be able to find a good deal in September). You'll also find updates on stroller markdowns, photo deals, and more.

After you check out Baby Cheapskate, head over to, which is kind of like Freecycle but for baby and children's products only. There's a nominal membership fee of $1, but you'll get it back after you post two offers. And residents of San Diego and Birmingham (AL) can join for free this week!

And if you're a blogger, be sure to check out Angie's other project, BlogCoach, for tips and info to help you maximize your blog.

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