Mar 3, 2009

Works for Me: Use a toothbrush holder to keep razors sharp in the shower

Many years ago, I read a recommendation to dry a razor blade after use to prevent rust and extend the life of the blade. I never did that, but Marc discovered that I could hang my razor in the toothbrush holder that was attached to the shower wall with a suction cup. At the time, I used a men's razor (maybe a Mach Three - or is it Mach Five?), which had a slim handle that fit perfectly in the toothbrush holder.

At some point, though, we lost the toothbrush holder - maybe because we'd moved. And I had to leave my razor on the side of the bathtub. After a few months, I noticed that the blade was rusting a lot faster than it used to. We started looking for a new toothbrush holder and thankfully, we found one. It really did make a difference in extending the life of the razor blade.

In the intervening years, the manufacturers of women's razors started to include suction cup holders in the packaging. And now that I get women's razors for free thanks to the Drugstore Game, I've been using those. But if you have a slim-handled razor and want to extend its lifespan, keep it in a toothbrush holder with a suction cup. (Or, I suppose, you could dry it after each shower.)

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Krisi and Adam said...

What a great and SIMPLE tip. Thanks for sharing.

mub said...

The last razor I bought came with a little suction cup holder for the shower and it makes a HUGE difference! A toothbrush holder is a great idea too though, I'm not sure I would've thought of that =)

Kim said...

My razor comes with its own suction cup holder too, but recently it has decided to pop off the wall (of our ensuite shower) in the middle of the night scaring the bejezzus outta me!

I think I'll try standing it in a cup - we have a little ledge.

My heart can't take anymore night-time surprises :)

Chief Family Officer said...

@Krisi & Mub - The only thing to keep in mind is that larger (i.e., women's) razors don't really fit in the toothbrush holders. But the men's razors fit perfectly.

@Kim - That would scare me too!