Mar 18, 2009

Meet my blogroll: Mommy Making Money Moneywise Moms

Gina went and changed her blog name right after I posted this. Her blog is now Moneywise Moms, but it still has the same great content!

Gina of Mommy Making Money Moneywise Moms is a great example of a mom who doesn't work outside the home, but who makes big contributions to her family's financial success by spending wisely and bringing in money, and she shares her expertise on her blog.

Each month this year, Gina is sharing how she contributed to her family's income. In January, she brought in $189.90, and in February, she contributed $635.94!

Gina also posts weekly deals at the stores where she shops, and although she's an expert CVS shopper, I love seeing her grocery deals since that's where I need the most help. There's a Safeway-affiliated store called Pavilions near my house, and Gina's posts are what made me actually start paying attention to the deals there. I don't go every week, but when she points out a particularly awesome deal, I make sure to stop by and take advantage of it.

Right now, Gina is giving away a very cool set of Ziploc Organizers, so be sure to stop by and visit her!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! Just FYI, your links have a little something extra typed at the beginning so they don't work.

Chief Family Officer said...

@aly3kids - Thank you for letting me know - I fixed them!

Anonymous said...

That's great! Good for her. My wife is the same- she contributes an immense amount to our family financially.

I'm so lucky to have her.

Anonymous said...

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