Mar 5, 2009

Meet my blogroll: Common Sense with Money

Most of you probably know Mercedes already. She's the founder of Common Sense with Money – it's one of my favorite "deals" blogs and I've mentioned it many times.

I think the big thing that sets Mercedes apart from other deals sites, though, is that she occasionally posts very helpful articles. For instance, I love when she explains how her family has been able to get ahead financially after she quit working outside of the home. And her explanations on Walgreens' register logic have been incredibly helpful to me.

When I first started playing The Drugstore Game, I understood CVS pretty well, but the Register Rewards system at Walgreens really puzzled me. And yet Mercedes would post about the great deals she was getting there, and I came to think of her as the Walgreens deals queen. I still think that way, and her posts helped me figure out how to get my own bargains at Walgreens. Her site is still my favorite one for finding Walgreens deals.

So be sure to stop by Common Sense with Money and check out this week's Walgreens deals. And while you're there, check out the FAQ – it's got some helpful tips if you're just getting started on saving.


Mercedes said...

Hi Cathy,

Thank you so much for the nice thoughts. Lately I have been feeling in a bit of a rut and between your kind words and going away next weekend I hope to get some renewed energies to start writing more helpful articles.


Mercedes said...

PS. I just bought the first two Twilight books and I did that because of your reviews.


Chief Family Officer said...

@Mercedes - I'm glad to help ;) And make sure you've set aside some time when you start reading - if you're like me, you won't want to stop!

Jerry said...

It's amazing because we got financially on track after my wife left her job and started working from home. She was able to be home with our daughter. We had some difficulty with insurance for a few months but it worked itself out. If you have faith you never know where the path will lead.