Feb 10, 2009

Update on my coupon organization conversion

As I mentioned on Friday, I am reorganizing my coupons into a system that will hopefully allow me to carry all of my coupons with me in a very manageable format, using compartmented coupon wallets that I picked up from Target's Dollar Spot section. My hope is that having all of my coupons with me whenever I'm shopping will prevent me from missing out on unadvertised deals, particularly from the clearance sections.

I had originally intended to use four coupon wallets, but in setting up the categories, I discovered that I should be able to do with three. Which is great, because the button on one of my older coupon wallets had fallen off long ago and I've had to secure it with a rubber band for months now. I may be frugal, but I do prefer it when things look nice and function easily.

I was a little overwhelmed by the process of deciding on the categories for my new coupon wallets, so I focused on clipping the coupons that were still in the inserts on my desk and putting them in a shoebox for the time being. (I send my expired coupons to Toni of The Happy Housewife, who passes them on to military families abroad. They can use the coupons on base for six months past the expiration date. You can read more info here.)

On Sunday, after days of pondering the possible categories, I labeled the three wallets and sorted the coupons that were in the two folders I was already using. I'm now in the process of clipping the last of the coupons (including four sets of the inserts from last Sunday's paper) and sorting the coupons that are in the shoebox into the wallets.

I'll post pictures and list the categories that I settled on once everything is done!

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