Feb 26, 2009

Update on Amazon's customer service: They made things worse!

As I mentioned over the weekend, Amazon messed up the payment of my order for an Aerogarden and seed kit and charged the entire amount to my credit card without applying the gift certificate credit that I had. I sent them two emails, which they ignored, so I actually called a toll-free number and spoke with a human being. That was on Sunday, and I was told that I would hear back within 48 hours.

Right around the 48-hour mark, on Tuesday afternoon, I received an email saying that the payment would be reapplied, and in fact, my gift certificate balance was $0 and the online invoice indicated that the balance had been applied to my order. I was just waiting for my credit card to be refunded.

Yesterday, I entered $30 of gift certificate codes into my Amazon account. So you can imagine my surprise when I checked this morning and saw that the balance was now $90.69. It appears that Amazon reversed their correction, but only credited me for the amount of the Aerogarden and not the seed kit. And the online invoice once again shows only a full payment by credit card.

So they've made things worse! Because now I've lost $7.14 – the cost of the seed kit – in gift certificate credit.

I immediately emailed them, of course – but given the lack of response to my previous emails, I'm more than a little concerned. I suppose I'll have to call them after a reasonable amount of time has passed, say 48 hours. (The contact form says most emails will receive a response in less than 12 hours. That hasn't happened.)

What would you do?


Unknown said...

i recently had this problem with another company. i told them if they could not resolve my issue, i was going to stop payment on the charge and send them back their item. it was miraculous how quickly it all resolved.

Helen said...

I wouldn't enter any more gift card codes until they sort this out, because it is another variable you don't need in there! I agree with FunkyFrum, you may need to go to your charge card. So frustrating!!