Jan 7, 2009

My favorite necklace: Mommy Tags

Since the World's Smallest Letter was such a big hit, I want to share another great gift idea, courtesy of my darling husband again (and I'm afraid that I have no idea where he finds these marvelous things). This is actually a gift I received a few years ago, but now that the boys are getting older – and I don't have to worry about breakage or injury – I can actually wear it, and I've found myself going back to it several times a week: it's the Mommy Tags necklace pictured here. Marc gave it to me after Alex's birth, and my necklace now has a second tag commemorating Tyler's birth as well.

I love that the necklace is simple and goes with just about anything - that's the main reason I wear it so often. Also, even though I went a long period without wearing it when the kids were very young, it's barely tarnished so it's very easy to care for.

I have to admit, I was very pleased that Marc had picked a very reasonably priced gift for me – these days, it's easy to find stories about the extravagant "birth gifts" that some new mothers receive. This necklace is $75 – not cheap, but not crazy expensive either. Unfortunately, I can't tell how much they charge for shipping. This would be especially appropriate for Mother's Day, or as a gift from the kids to Mom on Valentine's Day.

Note: I'm not affiliated with Mommy Tags in any way, I just like my necklace a lot!

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