Jan 29, 2009

A look back on my 2008 resolutions

I made three four resolutions for 2008, and I figured I'd better review how I did with them before the month is over.

Resolution #1 was to pay cash for a new car. We didn't quite accomplish this, but we came so close that I'm giving myself credit for this one. Last March, we decided it was time to buy a new car or pay $1000 to have some work done on our old car. Since we planned on buying a new car anyway, we went with that option. We didn't have quite enough set aside at the time to pay cash for the entire purchase, so we financed a portion of it. Thanks to our tax refund and economic stimulus payment, the new car loan was paid off in May. And because the car was fully paid for within two months of our purchase, I consider this goal accomplished.

Resolution #2 was to stop buying things just because they're a great deal. From one perspective, I did terribly with this goal: thanks to the Drugstore Game, I bought hundreds of things that I didn't need just because they were free. But, at least I did it on purpose and with a greater savings goal in mind – after all, buying things I don't need saves me money in the Drugstore Game. And aside from those Drugstore Game buys, I made far fewer "great deal" purchases in 2008 than I did in 2007. So this goal was also accomplished.

Resolution #3 was to buy only fair trade chocolate. This goal came about because Adrienne of Baby Toolkit posted information I hadn't known before: that the chocolate industry is largely based on child slavery. Unfortunately, I owe Adrienne a huge apology because I just wasn't as committed as she is. Where fair trade chocolate products were available, I did buy them – all of my chocolate bars, chocolate chips, cocoa, and truffles are fair trade. But where fair trade chocolate products haven't been available – as with cereal, for instance – I faltered and gave in to my love of all things chocolate. In 2009, I will seek out as many fair trade chocolate products as possible. But I have to consider this goal a failure.

Resolution #4 was to record more conversations with the boys. Alas, I never really got around to this one. The record function on my Sansahasn't really been used. However, we took many videos of the boys, and they pretty much capture the flavor of our days, so I'm not overly disappointed. Still, I do have to consider this goal a failure.

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Anonymous said...

CFO, I don't think you've FAILED at any of your goals. You attempted them and you're continuing to work on them. As far as I'm concerned, that's a success. To me, failure is giving up and that certainly isn't you! You may have accomplished more on a few of your goals than others, but I wouldn't categorize that as failure.

But, congrats on paying off that car loan within two months of having it! I hate borrowing on cars and I want to pay cash for the next one, so I'm in the process of saving for that...though, there's nothing wrong with my current car (knock on wood!).

Good luck with your goals this year! I look forward to seeing how we all do this year.