Jan 3, 2009

The best gift I received: The World's Smallest Postal Service

The best gift I received last month came from Marc, of course: It's a letter from The World's Smallest Postal Service. As you can see, it's literally a tiny letter, with addresses on the envelope and a letter inside. The text of the letter is customized. Marc chose the chorus of a song that's special to us (say it with me: Awww!).

The letter comes with a small magnifying glass in a glassine envelope that's sent out in a larger cardboard envelope. The outer cardboard envelope sat on Marc's desk for a couple of weeks and I never had a clue what was in it.

Valentine's Day isn't that far off, and I highly recommend The World's Smallest Postal Office as a sweet romantic gift. In fact, in addition to the Letter option, there are Valentine/Anniversary, Birthday, and Tooth Fairy card options. All are just $8.

And, if you're in the Bay Area, you can actually visit the World's Smallest Post Office in person.

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Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Wow--I love this idea! I can think of two people who would just love this as a birthday gift. Thanks for sharing. Where on earth did he find out about this?