Nov 13, 2008

A new perspective that saves money on holiday photo cards + $10 off at Kodak Gallery

Yesterday, one of my most favorite bloggers, Heather at Freebies 4 Mom, posted a coupon code for a free set of photo cards at Kodak Gallery (TRYUS3).

The code gave me a credit for $10 off a set of in-stock 5x7 photo cards. But there are only 10 cards per set, and I need at least 65 cards this year. Each set is $9.99, although there are volume discounts. Ordering seven sets would bring the price down to $6.99 per set, but that still totals $48.93. Factor in the $10 discount and postage and we're still talking over $65 before shipping, although that's before additional coupon codes.

And that was when it hit me: All of our holiday photo cards don't have to be exactly the same! I'll use the same photo for all of the cards, but it makes no difference to anyone - least of all the recipients - if the background is different.

I can now hunt for the very best deals on photo card sets without regard to quantity. If I can purchase them all at one time at a steep discount, so much the better. But if I have to pick them up one set at a time, that's fine too. It takes almost no time at all to create a card. And it's early enough in the season that my need is not yet urgent - in fact, Angie at Baby Cheapskate says the best photo deals are yet to come (check out her post for current photo deals).

Incidentally, I ordered my set from Kodak and elected to pick them up at CVS, which kept the shipping down to $1.49 (it would have been $2.49 to have them delivered to my doorstep). Since I always go to CVS anyway, the $1 savings is worth it.


Anonymous said...

Actually, kodakgallery is offering 20% off most items right now. If you need the code, let me know.

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Costco has great prices for photo cards and you can order them online for in-store pick-up.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Michelle & CCS - Thanks to you both, I'll keep that in mind! The Kodak set works out to 15 cents per card, and it's now my price to beat. I realize that's going to be tough - the best price that Amy at MomAdvice found was 23 cents per card - but I'm sure going to try! :)

Camille said...

Snapfish is offering 20 4x8 cards for $.20 (total) plus shipping. I paid $3.44 total. Code is CARD08 and is good until Nov 23rd. Not as cheap as Kodak, but still not bad overall.

I blogged here about it: