Oct 15, 2008

Works for Me: Clean during bath time

I have to admit that during the last few months, I've been finding it harder than ever to keep a clean house. But earlier this week, I suddenly realized that I could at least keep the kids' bathroom clean by scrubbing it while they're in the bath. It seems obvious enough, but for some reason had never occurred to me (partly because Marc and I had been trading off on bath time duty). The last few days, while the kids have been in the bath, I've been standing at the sink, scrubbing bath toys with a sponge and soap, something I thought I'd never have time to do. It doesn't help me get the rest of my house clean, but it's working for me.

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Vanessa said...

Sounds like a great idea! I often use that time to fold laundry since I can see the tub from my laundry closet a few feet away. Thanks for sharing!

Hilary said...

I always did that, it's so smart to combine stuff like that!

Kristin - The Goat said...

What I do is that I clean the bathroom each morning. Just wipe off the counter and swish the toilet with the brush. Then I wipe off the toilet and done.

If I had children I bet I would be implementing this bath time routine! I'm sure my mornings couldn't handle another task lol

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Have a fabulous day!

Wani said...

nice! I'm gonna try that!

Grammy said...

Great Ideal. It helps just doing 10 minuets of some thing to get thing done.