Oct 8, 2008

Working mom's dilemma: Traveling for work

I've been fortunate so far in being able to avoid traveling for work since Alex was born. But that will likely change next week, when I will probably have to go out of town for a night. Marc and I generally handle bath time, book time and bed time together. So I have no worries about leaving him to be responsible for the kids while I'm gone. Heck, he's better at all of those things than I am.

And although I'll miss Marc and the boys while I'm gone, I'll be gone for such a short time that I can't help but think how refreshing it will be to get a full, uninterrupted night of sleep.

What I find myself dwelling on is the disruption to our daily routine, especially my daily routine. So my question to all of you seasoned travelers (and wives and husbands of seasoned travelers) is this: How do you handle the disruption?


Anonymous said...

Since it's only for one night, it shouldn't be too much for you or your family.
The hugs and kisses when you get home will be worth it!

Lori said...

Let me tell you how nice it will feel to get a good night's sleep! The first time I travelled away was only one night as well, but I still missed them so much.

They will get on better than you think they will. :-) I just made sure everything was set up for them to make it easy (breakfast planned, things ready for daycare etc). And called a million times.

You will all do great!!

BusyMom said...

I agree with Lorelei, it is a great night's sleep when you travel. You definitely miss the kids.

For me, when I traveled was the first time I had actually talked to my son on the phone. Since he was at daycare when I was at work, and home with me when I was home, I had never been somewhere where I could talk to him on the phone. It's a neat interaction. Even when they have a limited vocabulary.

Anonymous said...

1. Talk to your kids beforehand so they know what's going on.

2. Call on the night you are away to tell them goodnight.

3. ENJOY!!

Elizabeth said...

The good night's sleep is great - I also like to get a workout in in the morning, which I can't do at home.
I always struggle with how far in advance to let my son know. I want it to be far enough in advance but not so far that he's constantly asking me about it.
That phone call before bed has always been a key part and my son really enjoys the airline snacks that I save and bring home as a special treat.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Steph - I'm sure you're right. Thank you!

@Lorelei - LOL! I don't even remember a good night's sleep is like anymore :)

@Busymom - I've always had the chance to talk with my kids while I'm at the office, so your experience sounds rather neat!

@Mary - Thank you for your excellent advice!

@Elizabeth - The exercise thing has definitely occurred to me. In addition to the full night's sleep, I think the thing that will make me happiest is a FULL HOUR (maybe two, depending on how early I get there the day before and how much time I have in the morning) in the hotel gym! Thank you for your tips!