Oct 1, 2008

More on becoming a Chief Mom Officer: an interview with James Rivera of Babyspot.com

When I interviewed Jessica Smith about her job as a Chief Mom Officer, she mentioned that a company called Babyspot.com is currently looking for a Chief Mom Officer of their own. Babyspot's founder, James Rivera, left a comment on that post that to this interview:

Please tell us a little bit about Babyspot.com.

James: Founded in 2008 by James Rivera and Zameer Upadhya, BabySpot.com is a new social networking site for parents and their families which provides a free, safe and secure environment to connect and interact virtually to share baby’s precious moments as their child grows. With a safe and secure platform, parents can comfortably and easily share their profiles privately or publicly, upload pictures and videos, blog and chat live. While experiencing the joy of forming lasting connections and creating new memories, parents and their loved ones are exposed to rich educational content, various nonprofit organizations, fun contests and social and financial opportunities.

How did you learn about Chief Mom Officers?

James: The first time I learned that there was an executive position within a company called Chief Mom Officer was through Jessica Smith, the founder of ChiefMomOfficer.org). I was like, "I want a Chief Mom Officer!" I love the title!!

What is your vision of your new Chief Mom Officer within Babyspot?

James: We envision our Chief Mom Officer to be fully part of our executive team! We want to empower her to be creative within our BabySpot platform and really connect with the moms and dads on a daily basis. The position is a very important onefor us as she would be one of the faces of BabySpot.com - she would become a BabySpot Mom! We also want to set the standard in our industry as 90% of the companies all need a Chief Mom Officer. It just makes sense!

What are you looking for in your new Chief Mom Officer?

James: As we go through the interview process, we thought it would be easier choosing a Chief Mom Officer but as Jessica Smith from ChiefMomOfficer.org has provided us an excellent array of talent, our decision is not easy! I wish we could hire all of them! The candidates are that good!!!

Note: If you'd like to learn more about the Chief Mom Officer position at Babyspot.com, click here. Thanks for your time, James, and good luck!


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE that title: Chief Mom Officer. Actually, in my opinion it rank right up their with CFO and COO!

Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Cathy!!


I totally agree with you that this position ranks the same as CFO/COO! At BabySpot our CMO Nikki has the same ranking as me COO! I work with her very closely everyday we complement each other! Personally I love the position!! It's time Corporations "Empower the WAHM!"

Anonymous said...

Great Interview and I'm happy to be the new Chief Mom Officer for Babyspot! James and the team are absolutely amazing!