Oct 31, 2008

Kudos to Kellogg's & their customer service

Kellogg's has provided excellent customer service the last three times I've contacted them, so I thought it was high time to highlight them. The first two times, I used their online contact form to complain about their products. The first time, I opened a new box of cereal to find that the inner plastic bag was not sealed. The second time, I found a hard, dark object in a box of Mini-Wheats, and told them that I was throwing out not just the box I'd found the object in but also the other unopened boxes of Mini-Wheats that I already had. Each time, I provided all of the information that I thought they might need to identify the batch the cereal had come from, and offered to send the cereal back to them. Within a week of each complaint, I received an email thanking me and stating that I would be receiving something in the mail. The "something" turned out to be coupons good for a free Kellogg's product, and the second time, I received four coupons to compensate me for the loss of four boxes of cereal. The most recent contact came in the form of the Fuel for School rebate, which took place in August through September. The promotion required the purchase of 10 Kellogg's items, all on one receipt. You had to send in the receipt and the 10 UPC codes along with the rebate form, and you'd get a $10 check. I sent in my completed form and forgot about it, knowing that rebates usually take at least eight weeks to process. But about a month after I'd mailed in the rebate, I found a stray UPC code from a box of Rice Krispies treats on my desk. I pulled out my copy of the materials I'd sent in and sure enough, there were only nine UPC codes. I was so mad at myself, and for the next four weeks, I waffled between writing off the $10 rebate and emailing customer service to see if they would push the rebate through anyway. Kudos to Kellogg's, because they pushed my rebate through without my contacting them. Much to my surprise, I got the rebate check a couple of days ago. It's possible they didn't catch the missing UPC code since nine pretty much looks like ten, but regardless, I really appreciate receiving my $10 even when I didn't completely fulfill the requirements and they would have been within their rights to deny my rebate. As I wrote this post, I remembered a fourth recent contact with Kellogg's, in which I sent in for a free book that's part of their United Through Reading promotion. The book came quite quickly, and best of all, it came with a Target coupon for $1 off any book. I used the coupon the other day to get a free truck book for the kids from the dollar section. Thanks for everything, Kellogg's!


Anonymous said...

It's nice that they took care of you. However, for the time being my family and I are boycotting Kellogg's products. Their treatment of Michael Phelps is unfair and rather foolish, in light of the quality of so many politicians and presidents these days.


Chief Family Officer said...

@Andrew – It's completely useless to compare Phelps to politicians (or even Alex Rodriguez, as one article I read today did). And I applaud Kellogg's for recognizing that Phelps's mistake in judgment makes him unworthy of being a spokesperson for them. It's particularly appropriate for them (as opposed to his other sponsors like Visa and Speedo) because they market directly to children. He's held up to children as a role model – and as a parent, I certainly don't want anyone telling my children it's okay to smoke pot. Many people may believe that, but I don't, and I'm glad Kellogg's doesn't either.