Jun 24, 2008

Review: MySurvey.com

I've been recommending MySurvey.com to subscribers for about a month now, so I thought it was time to write a review. (If you've signed up for MySurvey via my affiliate link, thank you!) I've been a MySurvey member since February, and I love how easy it is. I just spend a few minutes every few days answering a survey, and I earn points. (It never takes me as long to complete a survey as the estimate says it will.) 1000 points can be redeemed for a $10 check (or something else). And that's it.

MySurvey will usually email you to tell you that there's a survey to complete. But every day that you log in, you earn an entry into that month's sweepstakes. In fact, MySurvey usually has a few different sweepstakes going on, and entering them is easy. (Each completed survey also earns you a sweepstakes entry.)

My only complaint is that points are rather slow to build. That might just be due to my demographic and personal information, however, since other bloggers seem to accumulate points much faster. (It probably doesn't help that I select "prefer not to answer" whenever possible.) Once I did build up enough points to redeem, my check arrived in about three weeks.

So, if you have a few minutes each day and are looking for a simple way to earn a little extra cash, I recommend MySurvey. And if you're already a MySurvey member, please leave a comment and let us know what your experience has been.

Disclosure: If you sign up for MySurvey via my affiliate link, I'll receive 150 points. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

I've been a member of mysurvey.com for a couple years now. I like it, and have gotten the cash several times and it's always sent quickly. I agree that the points are very slow to build. I get a lot of small surveys sent to me. My pet peeve is I won't answer questions about our income or our health issues. I don't like that some surveys/questions don't have a "prefer not to answer" option. But overall I think it is a good site.

I hear some people say they make hundreds on these sites, though, and I have no idea how!

Anonymous said...

I have also been a member of mysurvey.com for a couple of years and really like it. The surveys are quick and easy and they are really good about sending out your rewards.

Grace. said...
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Grace. said...

I removed the prior post to correct spelling errors. I like mysurvey.com because of the short surveys. But if you've got the time for longer ones and a faster earnings time, try Lightspeed. One of my colleagues, my age but both African-American and Hispanic gets lots more opportunities than I do. I suspect she'd do even better if she were younger

Chief Family Officer said...

@Beth and Rachel - That's pretty much been my experience also.

@Grace - Thanks! I'll have to check out Lightspeed.

Anonymous said...

I just joined this site because im trying to earn some money. Im only 15 but with the economy im trying to start early and invest ahead of time. Just wanted to thank you for writing a review about mysurvey.com since it helped asure me of how legit this site was. Could you recommend any other free sites for me to try?

Thanks in advanced!!