May 6, 2008

Review: Alive and Kicking

A few months ago, I was asked to review a book called Alive and Kicking. Its tag line is "Legal advice ... for Boomers!" and indeed, it's full of legal advice for people who are retired or approaching retirement. But I actually think the tag line is a little misleading, because the book is also full of practical "life" advice such as how to talk to your family members, avoiding/dealing with elder abuse, and how to find a nursing home.

I really enjoyed the book, but as an attorney, I like citations and sources. And I felt that was lacking in this book. In fact, it's my one criticism. I wish the authors had done one or both of the following: (1) presented an intro detailing their experience and expertise, so that I understand why I should believe and trust them; or (2) annotated their assertions with footnotes and sources. There are rather brief bios of the authors at the very end of the book, but, while impressive, they don't really bolster their authority to the degree that it needed bolstering.

But, let's be clear: I don't have any reason to doubt the recommendations in this book. In fact, from what little I remember of Wills and Trusts in law school, the advice in this book appears sound and should probably be read by all boomers and maybe their children as well. The book covers a lot of ground, and I found it personally relevant, even though I'm only in my 30's. I understand more now about my grandparents' situation, for example, as related to Medicare and their mental capacity. And I am a little more knowledgeable about my parents' situation as well, for example, in terms of their options with Social Security.

I do think the book is worth reading, but at $24.95 for the paperback version (at Amazon), it's pricey for a paperback. I recommend checking it out at the library first and taking notes.

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