Apr 25, 2008

My Life in Six Words

A few weeks ago, Cindy at Go Workout Mom tagged me for the Six Word Memoir meme. I haven't done anything about it because, well, I had a hard time summing up my life in six words. But as a person who likes to excel, I've struggled with perfectionism throughout much of my life. Since I've become a mother, I've become more aware than ever of how important it is to let go of my need/desire to be perfect and be content with "good enough." So, here's my life in six words:

I'm not perfect, but good enough.

I remind myself of this constantly, as I find myself wanting to do everything exactly right for my boys. But I discovered early on that it's simply impossible - in large part because there is no "right" way of doing so many things as a parent. Is it better to continue trying to breastfeed and be miserable in the meantime, or should I just quit and be rid of the stress? Should I let my 12-month-old cry it out? Should I go back to work or become a stay at home parent?

There are just too many variables in parenting and the hardest part is, you'll never really know if you did the "right" thing. Maybe if you'd done something differently, it would have been better for your child. But those kinds of doubts will eat away at your spirit.

On the other hand, if you take a step back and simply admire and appreciate your children for who they are, it's easy to see that what you did was "good enough." And that's really all that matters.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on being a good enough parent, so please leave a comment!

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Catherine said...

I've been lurking for awhile and decided to finally comment. I love your blog and your six words have been my life motto for the last year. As a recovering perfectionist (with high standards for those around me) I could not believe how freeing it was to realize that I could be "good enough". I do believe that being a parent is what made me finally realize this. With twins and then a third child and a full time career there is only so much that I can do - and sometimes, good enough is the best I can manage....kids don't care if you get the *whites whiter* or you balance your checkbook to the penny - they only want YOU and your time, love and attention. Hugs are the best and I push everything aside now for extra snuggle time - anytime!

Catherine said...

Forgot - here's my six words

Anonymous said...

I posted a link to your posting on P2P and then added my 6 word memoir.

I'm hoping others will jump on board too!


Rachel said...

I really enjoy your blog, Cathy. I ended up making a very long post about being a good enough parent, but haven't managed to come up with my six words yet. it's super late and I need to sleep!
Great post,thanks.

Father Sez said...

Your life summary is great!

Being good enough is great.


Anonymous said...

I am a working mother. The toughest decision was to send my 2-month-old to daycare when my maternity leave ended. Yet he seems to adjust to his environment very well. I don't what can be considered as good enough. I find comfort in accepting the fact that I am doing the best I can.

Mercedes said...

That's very touching! I think your words resound to anyone that is a parent. I know many times I need to remind myself of this.