Apr 9, 2008

Follow those safety tips: they exist for a reason

Last week, a friend of a friend lost her one-year-old daughter after the little girl got tangled up in a window-shade cord and suffocated to death.

Several years ago, a colleague lost her four-month-old daughter to SIDS. This happened about a month after I had my second miscarriage, and it hit me particularly hard. I remember thinking that it was unbelievable that even if you manage to get to the point of having a baby, you could still lose him or her. This little girl is the reason I followed the SIDS prevention guidelines to the letter.

Not surprisingly, I think that when a tragedy hits close to home, it has a greater impact. But today I'm begging all parents to take those extra steps to keep their children safe.

Here are a couple of related starting points:Finally, The Wastrel Show has a tip for keeping teens safe.


Unknown said...

Thanks for this - I clicked right through to their website and ordered free safety kits for all my blinds.

Anonymous said...

Thank, I'm defintely going to link to you on my blog.

Several years ago when I was working as a librarian, I got my whole library system to order the window blind safety kits (and install them) after we had an incident where a child got caught in one at a library. Fortunately, she was ok. So keep an eye on your kids when you are in places where you can't control these variables.

I totally relate to your comment about SIDS. After three miscarriages, I'm terrified that I'll get one out alive and then lose them anyway. It's not something to drive myself nuts about, but I'm sure I'll be following all of the SIDS safety guidelines too.