Apr 26, 2008

The 29-Day Giving Challenge: Day 11

Today was Day 11 of my 29-Day Giving Challenge. I re-thought my idea of giving a stranger a box of candy, after it occurred to me that I myself would be suspicious of food from a stranger. So, it's back to square one in search of ideas for giving beyond my comfort zone.

In the meantime, today I sent e-cards to my two best friends, K. and B. I met them in my breastfeeding support group a few weeks after my oldest was born. Our sons are only three months apart in age, so we are constantly tapping each other for parenting support and ideas. They are, quite simply, wonderful women, and although our busy schedules sometimes keep us from getting together for a few weeks, I know they're always there for me (and vice versa, of course). I am infinitely grateful to be blessed with their friendship and I just wanted them to know that.


Anonymous said...

I love your idea of the giving challenge! One idea outside the comfort zone that I have done is to give my regular cashier and bagger at my grocery store a box of Girl Scout cookies to show my appreciation. They're sealed and the folks "know" me from shopping there regularly.

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I like to give our library staff treats every once in a while. Last year, I gave them a huge box of truffles in January, and they were thrilled. We gave them home-made cookies at Christmas (they know us, so I felt it would be cool), and they got chocolate eggs at Easter.

I love your giving challenge!