Mar 19, 2008

Making a few more changes

The changes I'm talking about this time aren't to this site, though. Instead, the changes are - hopefully - to me. As in, losing weight and gaining muscle tone. In other words, I'm getting in shape.

While this is something I'm always thinking about (the Fitday experience a few months ago didn't last very long, I'm afraid), it's something that always takes a backseat to taking care of my family, work, and this blog. But that can no longer be the case. Marc has promised Alex that we'll take him to Raging Waters or another similar water park this summer.

This means I'll have to wear some sort of swim attire in public. After all, Tyler won't tolerate being left out of the water the way he did last summer during our trips to the beach.

Is this a vain reason to want to get in shape? Of course. But it's much more than that, in the sense that I am more concerned with avoiding how miserable I'll be if summer comes around and I haven't gotten in shape, than I am with looking hot. In other words, it's mostly about preserving my happiness and avoiding misery.

So what does this have to do with this site? Well, I've hinted at it above, in that I'll have even less time to blog than usual because I'm trading in some of my post-kids' bedtime computer time for a nightly date with the treadmill or yoga mat. That means less time to respond to comments and emails, and I ask for your understanding in that regard. I plan to continue posting quality articles, and I am hopeful that regular workouts will actually help me become a better blogger because I'll have more energy and be mentally sharper.

One thing my new regimen will allow me to do is really make use of the Go Workout Mom First Year Fitness Journal, which I promised Cindy I would review a couple of months ago. I downloaded it and started to read it but haven't gotten very far. But now I'll really use it and be able to give you a thorough review.

I plan on posting in a few months and telling you about my wonderful progress and success!


Inki said...

Good for you for making that commitment (not that you look like you need it from your profile picture)! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Good for you for taking this step! Pursuing healthiness is always a good idea. COnstantly fighing the weight loss battle, I have lost 45 pounds in the last six months and highly recommend as a way to track calories, exercise and progress for free.

Chief Family Officer said...

@Inki - Aw, that's sweet. I'm pretty lucky, I don't generally carry weight in my face too much which helps a lot. It's not that I have a huge amount to lose, just a long ways to go til I'm in shape. One thing I didn't mention is that I've been pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding for the last five years straight, and especially for the last three years, since Alex was born, I've gotten comfortable hiding in jeans and a t-shirt. But no more! :)

@Michelle - Thank you! And super congrats on your weight loss, wow, that's awesome! Thanks for the Sparkpeople rec - I tried to sign up a while back but they wouldn't let me b/c I'm still breastfeeding. Oh well!

Anonymous said...

Way to go CFO! You've already been making great strides. Once the priority is set, you'll be flying.