Feb 12, 2008

Money-Saving Tip: Read the inserts that come with your bills

I highly recommend that you read - or at least skim - every insert that comes with your bills. If you've gone paperless, there should be a link to the inserts that would have been included when you're logged into your account.

The inserts include helpful information that you need to know: fee increases or decreases (granted, these are less frequent but they do happen - I noticed a few months ago that my bank no longer charges for American Express gift cheques); changes in insurance policy coverage for insurance bills; the length of any grace period in which you have to pay your bill, etc.

In my case, I just noticed that our natural gas provider offers a $35 rebate on Energy-Star rated washers. Before this, I was only aware of the LA DWP rebate. The DWP rebate is significantly more ($250) but $35 is hardly negligible.

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