Jan 24, 2008

Last night's dinner: Bacon-Wrapped Tofu

Sorry I don't have pictures! I am always so busy preparing and serving dinner that it never occurs to me to take a picture until it's way too late!

I used this recipe at Just Hungry to make the bacon-wrapped tofu. It was very tasty, and I definitely plan on making it again.

However, next time, I'll use longer pieces of bacon for each piece of tofu. I made the mistake of having the ends just slightly overlap, forgetting that meat shrinks when cooked. By the time the tofu and bacon were done, most of the ends were coming off the tofu. I made the sauced version, knowing that Marc would prefer it, and it went wonderfully with rice.

Unfortunately, neither boy liked this, although Alex actually took a couple of bites, which is a major improvement over his previous encounters with tofu. It didn't matter, though, because Marc and I enjoyed the dish and agreed that it's a keeper worth making again.

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