Nov 9, 2007

Parallels: Weight loss & Personal finance

Today was my first day tracking what I ate using Fitday, and it was a challenge. I found myself not wanting to document what I'd written because it was going to be less than perfect, and I dread seeing a high total calorie count. I made myself do it by telling myself that my eating isn't going to be, and doesn't have to be, perfect. Really, I should just be recording what I eat normally, then take a look back and see where I can make changes.

It became easier when I realized that starting the process of losing weight is exactly the same as starting the process of taking control of my finances (and losing weight is arguably equivalent to taking control of my health). When I first started learning about personal finance, I did the oft-recommended first step: I wrote down every penny I spent. I didn't necessarily change my spending habits right away, but I brought awareness to my spending. Once I saw where my money was going, I made changes that have brought me to the better place I'm in today.

I'm going to do the same thing now with my eating. I'm taking the pressure off myself to make dramatic changes immediately, because the important thing right now is to bring awareness to my eating. Once I've done that, I'll start making (small) changes that will gradually bring me to a better, healthier place. Just like I did with my finances.


Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

As my Weight Watchers leader says, "You weigh the same whether you come to a meeting or not", so why not come and get the support? Same with tracking your eating--you're only cheating yourself when you fudge the numbers. Realizing that is a big thing, pat yourself on the back!

Love the analogy to finances!

therapydoc said...

Just don't take any of those stupid pills that they're marketing as ALL natural. (hoodia)

so is marijuana by that accounting.

Kris said...

Cathy, Zen Habits has two great posts about the correlation between weight loss and personal finance.

One is here:

And the other is here:

I don't know the dude who writes these, but he deserves some sort of prize.

Anonymous said...

The main reason behind it is the unawareness of people towards the food that must be consumed.