Oct 10, 2007

Professional Tips for Photographing Your Child

Last week included class photo day for my boys, and for the first time, I was told that Alex happily posed for the camera - so I'm really looking forward to getting those shots back. Babycenter offers these tips for getting the "money shot" of your kids on film or disk:
  1. Cut the cheese
  2. Quantity begets quality (this has definitely been true for us)
  3. Get real
  4. Let the sun shine
  5. Know when to say when
  6. Make time for fun
  7. Don't forget the milestones
And for the most natural-looking shots, they offer a few more tips:
  1. Turn off your flash
  2. Don't expect all eyes on you
  3. Get down on your child's level
  4. Shift the emphasis
  5. Allow for freedom of movement
  6. Skip the retouching
  7. Look at the background

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