Aug 3, 2007

Tip for Adjusting to Your Child's Enrollment in Day Care

My best tip, hands down, for making your own adjustment to your child's enrollment in day care easier is this: Become friendly with the other parents. Exchange emails, report back on each other's kids, and discuss any concerns that come up. I'm lucky enough to work with the parents of many of the kids who go to the same daycare, and it's a huge help. For the first two weeks, every time I saw Tyler at daycare, he was crying when I got there and crying when I left. However, one mother who drops her kids off later in the morning than I do mentioned that Tyler seems so happy every time she sees him, which made me feel loads better. I didn't think he cried the whole time he was there (which my friend's daughter did when she first started), but I also know his caregivers have a tendency to understate the crying. It was such an enormous relief to hear from someone else that he was actually having a good time that I nearly cried.


DaniGirl said...

This is a really good tip - thanks!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

You're welcome! The other parents are a terrific source of info and support :)