Aug 13, 2007

Review: Kidco Electric Food Mill

I've been making all of Tyler's baby food and picked up some new equipment for it, including the Kidco Electric Food Mill. It's really a mini-food processor, but I like it better than my mini KitchenAid chopper because it does a much better job of turning the food into a smooth puree. (But it doesn't work as well as a good blender.) I also like that unlike my mini-chopper, the Kidco electric food mill doesn't have a tube with a hole in the middle. Instead, there is just a small stem for the blade to rest on. This set up makes it easier to get the food out. However, tiny bits do get under the plastic that the stem sits in and I didn't realize at first that the stem was removable.

The Kidco electric food mill is extremely easy to clean - I just rinse it out and throw all of the parts in the dishwasher. It's also extremely easy to use, though a little different than a regular food processor. With this device, you put the blade in, then the food, and cover. Then you put the motor on top and hold it down to turn it on.

As with all food processors, food goes flying onto the sides of the bowl. If you use the optional blending attachment, less food ends up on the sides, but you'll still need to scrape the sides down and whiz the contents again to get a uniform consistency. I use the small scraper that came with my mini-chopper or my small OXO spatula.

If you have a baby who tends to be gassy, I would recommend using this device with caution because processing foods until they're completely smooth tends to incorporate a fair amount of air, especially in fluffier foods like bananas. I've tried getting the air bubbles out by stirring vigorously with a spoon but it doesn't really work.

The two cup bowl is a nice size for smaller amounts of food, and this is the first appliance I reach for unless I'm making a large batch to freeze. I especially like this electric mill for food that doesn't freeze well, like pureed bananas and avocado. I'm sure this device will be extremely handy when Tyler starts eating meat and I want to puree a portion of our dinner for him to eat.

Bottom line: This is an extremely convenient product for making small amounts of baby food. However, it's definitely not a necessity if you already have a food processor, blender, or food mill.

Buy it from Amazon (affiliate link) for $24.99 or Kidsurplus (not an affiliate) for $19.19. (Note: I got mine from Kidsurplus with no problem.)


Anonymous said...

I have found the absolute best thing for pureeing (and easy clean-up) is my immersion hand blender. Love that thing!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Michelle - What brand do you have? Mine doesn't get food as smooth as this food mill, my food processor, or my blender.

Anonymous said...

It's a Braun turbo. It has two speeds and I can get a really fine puree with it. I love to make potato leek soup with it b/c it is so smooth.

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Thanks, Michelle!