Aug 9, 2007

15 Uses for Coffee Filters

I like coffee but I'm not addicted to it so I rarely make it at home. However, I do always have some coffee filters in a drawer, and now I know they'll get a lot more use. This was my favorite tip:
When making soups or sauces. Tie up flavorful, but unedible, ingredients - such as bay leafs, cinnamon sticks, woody herb stems – in a coffee filter and float while cooking for easy removal. The French call this a bouquet garni.
See the full list here.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I just like using coffee filters for coffee. That's easily the best use. :)

But another good one (if they're stiff enough), is to use them when putting toys/furniture together. I dump all the tiny screws and parts into a filter so they don't get lost on the floor. Although, an empty egg crate works even better as you can sort the pieces in different areas.

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Thanks, Andrew, those are awesome tips - especially since we love IKEA furniture!