Jul 24, 2007

Minimize Your Grocery Expenses

Last week, My Two Dollars asked How Much Do You Spend On Groceries? and today he posted the results, which included a pretty wide range: from $25 per week for 2 adults to $265 per week for 2 adults and 6 children. That, of course, begs the question (which David asked): How do you feed 2 adults on $25 per week? It's entirely possible that they spend so little at the market because they eat out a lot. But it's also possible that they shop, cook, and eat wisely. Here are the strategies that could get your grocery bill as low as theirs:
  1. Plan weekly menus around grocery store sales. In my neighborhood, the weekly grocery store circulars arrive in Tuesday's mail and the prices listed are good Wednesday through Tuesday. Take your circular(s), see what's on sale, and then decide what you will serve in the coming week.
  2. Minimize the amount of meat you serve, since that's usually the most expensive item. What meat you do serve should always be bought at a very low price. In order to make this possible, you can stock up when you see a great deal (you'll need freezer space for this, though), or find out when the store marks down their meat.
  3. Shop at several different stores to get the best deals at each one.
  4. Rely on inexpensive staples like potatoes, eggs, and beans.
  5. Make as much as possible from scratch - especially things like bread, where the ingredients themselves are quite inexpensive.
All of this put together would really save a ton of money. It's also quite time-consuming, which is why I don't do it myself. But I know the day will come when I have enough time to make this a priority. In the meantime, we'll pay extra so that I can stay sane :D


Anonymous said...

Wow! $265 on groceries per week - I wonder what they are buying. We have 2 adults and 4 children and only spend $120 on groceries per week and that includes all toiletries and diapers. Whoever is spending $265/week really need to coupon and shop sales!!!! :)

Chief Family Officer said...

@Briana - I completely agree that they could spend less, but I am also impressed at your shopping and budgeting skills! $120 for the 6 of you is awesome!