Jul 17, 2007

The Impact of Your Child's Name

The Digerati Life has an interesting post about the ways in which a name can affect the way a person is perceived in terms of their career prospects and their likelihood of success. What I got out of the post is that if you want your child to have the most open doors in life, you should give them a fairly common but not overly trendy name. If you want your child to explore less traditional avenues, then you should consider an unusual name.

Personally, I think it's nice having a common name that's not overly popular - everyone knows how to pronounce it and you're generally not singled out simply because of your name. I'm sure my attitude is because I have a very unusual middle name and although I like that it's special, I hated having it pointed out because it felt like an invasion of privacy for someone to want to know how to spell it, how to pronounce it, what it means, etc. (especially if I didn't know or like the person who was asking but felt that it would be rude not to respond).

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing about my post! I have an uncommon name but not too weird either, so it works for me as well. :)

PS. I like your picture! I also have 2 young kids.