Jul 19, 2007

Changing the Way We Eat

After some discussion, Marc and I have concluded that I need to cook less so that I can have some ME time and both of us won't go bonkers (though I remain committed to making all of Tyler's food). I'm sad about this, because I love cooking and I'm worried that it will have a negative impact on our ability to save and on the nutritional quality of our diets. But, there are some steps I am going to take in order to minimize the negative impact of this change:
  • Buy little to no-prep foods at the store, like cold cuts and frozen pizza. I should be able to find products with minimal amounts of additives at Whole Foods (I've checked Trader Joe's and their frozen foods are packed with extras).
  • Get food from slightly more upscale places like Baja Fresh, Corner Bakery, and CPK. The food will cost more but will be healthier than a steady diet of Burger King and Carl's Jr.
  • Reduce the costs of "upscale eating" by eating only half a meal at a time (saving the other half for the next meal) and filling in with store-bought fruit and veggies.
  • When I do cook, which will probably be about two times a week, I'll continue to make meals that result in plenty of leftovers.
  • I also want to use this as an opportunity to be more adventurous and try some foods and cuisines we usually don't think about just because they're not in our comfort zone - it will help increase the nutritional variety we're getting and broaden our palates.
If you have any suggestions I haven't thought of, I'd love to have 'em!

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MetaMommy said...

Hi Cathy,
Here's one of our favorite recipes: Moroccan Style Lamb
It's great for leftovers!