Jul 26, 2007

An Assortment of Great Money-Saving Tips

I came across a site called America's Cheapest Family, which had a long list of money-saving tips. I just had to share some of the highlights (I've rephrased them for conciseness and clarity):
  • To keep clothes from slipping off plastic or wooden hangers, take a rubber band and wrap it around each end of the hanger.
  • The Scholastic Book Club order forms that your kids bring home from school always have one or two $0.95 books listed on the front. Stock up on these to use as gifts.
  • Buy Christmas wrapping paper when it’s 50% to 75% off at after-Christmas sales, but look for solid colors or prints that aren't exclusive to Christmas. You can use the paper all year long. You can also turn the paper inside out and use the white side to wrap a package for mailing. (My caveat: Make sure the paper you are buying is of decent quality. I have a number of inexpensive rolls that I dread using because the color rubs off all too easily, and the paper will tear at the slightest pressure - for example, when I'm pulling it tight around a box corner that's not even pointy.)
  • When you go to the grocery store, put a basket in the cart and put anything that you want to get but that's not on your list in the basket. When you're ready to check out, your impulse purchases will be easily identifiable and you can decide if you really want them. (This would work really well for discount stores like Target, too.)
  • To remove permanent marker from a white board, write over the marker with a dry erase marker and then erase both.

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