Jun 7, 2007

Tips for Saving Money on Groceries

These tips from Yahoo are a good starting point for saving money on groceries. To take it a step (or two or three) further, you can also do the following:
  • Keep a price book, which will enable you to recognize a good (or great) deal when you see one.
  • Check out several different grocery stores in your area and figure out what is cheaper where. Personally, I've decided that I'd rather pay a little more for the convenience of shopping at only one or two stores, but I could save some money if I hit a bunch of different stores each week for their deals - which brings us to the next tip ...
  • Check the weekly store circulars that come in the mail. Then plan your list to include loss leaders, especially those items for which you have a coupon. Your price book will come in extra handy here.
  • You'll probably save a lot of money if you buy most of your toiletries and non-food items at stores like Target rather than the supermarket - unless there's a sale, you have a coupon, and the store offers double (or triple) coupons. In that case, you can not only get a great deal, you can sometimes get items (like toothpaste) for free!

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