Jun 10, 2007

Parent Hacks: TV, Picnics and Sunscreen

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  • If you're afraid to watch television because the sound might wake up your child, turn down or mute the sound and use the closed captioning feature. If I'm in the same room as my child, I will also dim the picture using the brightness function.
  • I always use disposable changing pads for diaper changes, but I've found that the non-disposable kind that come with your diaper bag make a good surface to sit on at picnics or park outings where the ground might be a little damp.
  • Although I like the convenience of individually packaged sunscreen towelettes, I'm not crazy about the price. I realized that I could just pour some of our regular sunscreen into some snack-size zip top bags, seal them, put those bags into a sandwich bag, and keep that in my diaper bag. Then if I forget to put sunscreen on before we leave the house, I can poke a hole in one of the snack-size bags, squeeze out the sunscreen inside, and apply it without a big mess.

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MetaMommy said...

My husband and I found sunscreen towelettes in a package much like a small pack of baby wipes at a drug store when we were traveling in Japan, and we haven't seen them since. They were a lot like these: http://www.magellans.com/store/Health___Personal_Care___Sun_ProtectionKR102?Args=
I've never tried these, but the ones we used in Japan were great!