May 17, 2007

Some Potty Training Tips

We're really earning our potty training stripes right now, so I have a couple more tips:
  • Those expensive potty wipes for kids are worth considering. I used to think the companies were trying to brain wash parents into spending more money, and they definitely aren't necessary if money is tight. And if I had a daughter, I'd probably use regular toilet paper on her after she peed. But after a poop, the wipes make cleaning a little easier and I worry less about possibly hurting my child. And anything that makes the experience a little easier is worth it to me.
  • Take those bathroom rugs out. Especially if you have a boy, but probably even if you have a girl. Before we removed ours, the rugs in both bathrooms got peed on. And there was a close call with a bit of residual poop that fortunately landed on the linoleum instead of the rug. I figure I'll be able to have rugs in my bathrooms again in, oh, three or four years.
  • It is not easy putting a diaper on a child while he's standing up. We didn't think we were quite ready for pull ups, so we didn't use them. But then we had a couple of leaky diapers due to faulty fastening, all because of the difficulty in putting a diaper on a standing child. So our new strategy is to use pull ups if we're out of the house, so that it's a little easier to use the potty. But we still use regular diapers at home.

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