Apr 23, 2007

The Aquarium of the Pacific: A Better Deal Than the Los Angeles Zoo

I posted previously that I think membership with the Los Angeles Zoo is a great idea. But we haven't been to the zoo in ages, primarily because Alex doesn't seem to find it interesting. I think it's because he can't really see the animals and they're just not that interesting because they're so far away. Additionally, the exhibits are quite a distance apart and it seems like half the zoo is undergoing renovation.

In contrast, Alex gets excited about going to the Aquarium of the Pacific. He loves going up to the tanks and pointing to things to ask or tell us what they are. Sometimes he likes touching the rays, other times he refuses. And he especially enjoys perusing the gift shop and touching the toy fish, turtles and otters. My favorite part is watching Alex run through the various exhibits, stopping briefly to check out each tank and then taking off again. I also think the clam chowder in a bread bowl at Cafe Scuba is a real treat.

Membership at the Aquarium of the Pacific is more expensive than the Los Angeles Zoo, but it's worth it to us because of how often we go. Children under age 3 are free.

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