Mar 21, 2007

2 Random Kitchen Tips: Saving Burnt Cookies & Sneaking in Veggies

  • To save burnt cookies: Use a microplane grater on the bottom of your cookies to shave off the black part. (I got this tip from an old episode of Cooking Live and used it the other day to salvage some scones.)
  • Use baby food to sneak in veggies: Actually, any pureed vegetable will work, but I happened to have a jar of peas when I was making meat loaf last week and tossed that in for good measure (I had already added some shredded carrot). I'm now ready to go out and buy a variety of jarred baby food to have on hand to add to just about everything. (I'd originally bought the jarred peas hoping to convince Alex to use them as a dipping sauce but that sure didn't work.)

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Shan said...

I just added jarred baby food to my grocery list for the exact same reason. I love sneaking extra veggies into the kids food, but I don't have time for all the work to have pureed veggies ready at home.