Oct 19, 2006

Dream Dinners Preview

It's been over a year since I first heard about Dream Dinners, a company that provides all the components of a main dish that you assemble at their site, take home and freeze. At a later time, you prepare the dish according to the directions provided, add a side dish, and voilá, dinner is served.

I was intrigued but skeptical of the quality of the food. My interest was heightened a few months later when I saw a story about the founders and the creation of Dream Dinners on the Food Network show, Recipe for Success. I thought the founders came across as likeable and committed to providing a quality product, but I finally decided I would be willing to give Dream Dinners a try after reading the October issue of Health magazine. The magazine's food editor tried out Super Suppers, a company similar to Dream Dinners, but her comments left me with the impression that Dream Dinners offered higher quality meals.

Finally, my brother-in-law expressed interest in Dream Dinners so we registered for a session at the end of this month. There was an introductory offer of 18 meals (3 different meals, each serving 6) for $49.50, which works out to $2.75 per meal. That's actually cheaper than a lot of the meals I make from scratch, although I use antibiotic and hormone-free meat and dairy products and organic produce whenever possible. If Marc and I decide we like the food, we will probably buy a full session (36 meals) before the baby is born, since frozen meals will be super handy in the first few months of caring for a newborn, and I really don't have the time to prepare too many freezer meals from scratch anymore. I'll let you know the verdict after we've tried the meals I'll be bringing home in a couple of weeks.

A few notes about Dream Dinners:

  • According to their website, the meals will keep 3 to 5 months in the freezer.
  • You cannot bring children under the age of 12 with you.
  • A 36-meal session will take about one hour to assemble.
  • The menu changes each month and appears to be seasonal with a decent variety of choices.


The Baker Family said...

I'll be very interested to read your review on Dream Dinners. I'm expecting a baby in December and I was thinking of using them as well.

Angela S said...

My friend and I have participated in "On the Table" which is similar to Super Suppers and Dream Dinners. The quality is great and while I'm a bargain shopper and was a skeptic its been great!