Apr 19, 2006

More Cooking Light Recipes

For our informal family Passover dinner, I prepared several Cooking Light recipes for the first time and they were all good:
  • Date-Nut Haroset (dried fruit and nut mixture that represents the mortar used by the Jews when they were slaves in Egypt): I think everyone commented on the mini-marshmallows, but this was a favorite even among those who aren't that fond of haroset. For the sweet wine, I used a Baron Herzog merlot.
  • Pommes Anna: You know my in-laws are very Reform Jews since I used butter in this dish. I didn't bother measuring out the butter because I made a pie that was about 1 1/2 times bigger than the recipe makes (I used a 12-inch pan). This was a huge hit also.
  • Fallen Chocolate Cake with Cherry Red Wine Sauce: The cake came together beautifully, although there were a few lumps of egg whites that didn't incorporate completely and baked into a chewy meringue instead. The finished product was a bit on the dry side, and I wasn't that crazy about the sauce. But as flourless cakes go, this one was pretty good.

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