Mar 6, 2006

Keep Your Baby "Regular"

Alex might be mortified by this post when he's old enough to understand that I'm discussing his bowel movements for all the world to read, but I think this tip on keeping his bowel movements regular (and a good consistency) is too good not to share:

Every day, we feed Alex three to four dried apricots or prunes, and that's all it takes. I make sure the fruit is organic since apricots and plums are on the list of fruit that retain high levels of pesticides (the plums are from Whole Foods and the apricots are from Trader Joe's). I put them in a small bowl, cover them with diluted apple juice, and microwave them for two minutes or until they are plump, then cut them into small pieces. Alex loves them so eating them is good practice for his pincer grasp, too.

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Amy T said...

I do that too, but I mix it with Aidan's oatmeal cereal. He's nice and regular now, but he was having some real problems about a month and a half ago. I can't help but pop a couple into my mouth when I prepare it too! LOL!