Oct 6, 2005

Product Review - Cuispro Stainless Steel Food Mill

I got the Cuispro Stainless Steel Food Mill ($69.95) to make baby food, instead of the food mill by Kidco ($9.95), because I figured I would also use it to make adult food, like mashed potatoes or applesauce (it turns out that Marc hates applesauce, but I digress). I had read reviews on Amazon criticizing the lack of assembly instructions, but I was not prepared to read that I should "assemble the mill with the disk of [my] choice" with no further elaboration of how the pieces fit together. I am not mechanically inclined, but somehow I managed to figure it out, no thanks to the manufacturer.

It's harder to use the mill than I thought it would be, even though it works exactly the way it's supposed to. I put the food in the bowl, turn the handle, and the puree comes out through the disk. I have to turn the handle in the opposite direction and scrape down the sides periodically, but that's no big deal. My biggest problem is that I find it awkward to hold the mill and turn the handle at the same time, which is why I've been using my food processor more than this food mill.

The verdict: The Cuispro Stainless Steel Food Mill does a great job, and I will continue to use it on foods like potatoes, which I can't put into the food processor. But most of the other baby foods will go into my food processor, which is much easier to use. If I could go back in time, I would just get the Kidco baby food mill- it had gotten good reviews when I was deciding which mill to buy, and is a lot cheaper to boot!

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