Oct 22, 2005

IMBB #20

Is My Blog Burning is a classic food blogging event, and I'm excited to participate in my first one. The theme of IMBB #20 is soufflés, which is perfect because I'd never made one before.

Cooking Light's Greens and Cheese Soufflé has been in my "to try" pile for several years, but I'd never made it because I didn't have a soufflé dish until last year and frankly, I was intimidated. IMBB #20 was the perfect time to get over my fear of failure. After all, I've seen soufflés made countless times on the Food Network. How hard could it be? This is what I was going for:

I don't know if you've noticed, but I almost never include onions in my recipes because Marc and I don't like them very much. In this case, I omitted the onions and substituted one pound of frozen spinach for 10 ounces of frozen collard greens. The soufflé base looked like this:

The recipe called for a 1 1/2-quart soufflé dish. Mine says "10 cups" on the bottom. Now that I've done the math, I realize 1 1/2 quarts is 4 1/2 cups, which explains why my soufflé didn't rise above the rim of the dish:

At least my soufflé came out light, the way it was supposed to:

However, I also thought it was rather bland, so I won't be keeping this recipe. It definitely wasn't my last soufflé, though!

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