Sep 3, 2005

Thin Mint Knockoffs

A few weeks ago on the Food Network, I saw Sandra Lee make a version of the Girl Scout Cookie Thin Mints. Basically, she took some chocolate chips, melted them with a bit of shortening and peppermint extract, and dipped vanilla wafers into the mixture. It looked too easy, but that's why her show is called "Semi-Homemade."

Thin Mints have always been my favorite Girl Scout Cookie, so I've been thinking about trying the homemade version ever since I saw the show. I got around to it a couple of days ago, but I did it a little differently: I used organic vanilla wafers (the Nabisco ones have trans fats), therapeutic-grade essential oil of peppermint, and Ghirardelli dark chocolate. I had to put them in the freezer to solidify the chocolate (but I live in Southern California, so you might not have to if you live somewhere cooler). They came out delicious - crispy, chocolaty, and minty. I might make these to give away around the holidays.

1 comment:

Mama Bird said...

Oh my word...I am SO making these. And definitely with your suggested substitutions. If they turn out I'm stealing your idea for holiday gifts...I'm always making things for neighbors, teachers and our mailman and these would be perfect! YUM!