Sep 23, 2005

Going Back To Work As A Nursing Mom

I mentioned earlier this week that I'll be going back to work next month, and I've been getting ready for all the pumping that I'll be doing when that happens. I've taken my own advice and purchased extra pumping equipment - shields, valves, connectors, etc. - as well as a hands-free pumping bra from my lactation consultant, Ellen Steinberg. The company that makes these bras also has a handy back-to-work checklist (I hadn't thought to leave an extra nursing bra and clean shirt at work, although when I read the tip, I thought, "Doh!").


Anonymous said...

Cathy, in a pinch a nursing bra can be used for hands-free pumping. You just lower the flaps of the bra, start pumping, and snap the flaps around the shields. It's little awkward and may not work for women who are larger-busted, but it has helped me in the past! Good luck with your return to work, and congratulations on your decision to pump!

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Thanks, Stephanie - I'll have to try that sometime!

Alice H said...

I used a couple of the bras with rubber bands (I think they were Medela) while I was breastfeeding. It ended up being easier to just leave the rubber bands in the bra and wash on gentle cycle, then not throw in the dryer - and they weren't very effective at keeping the suckers in place.

I've gotta ask, though - what do the bras look like when not in use pumping? All the pictures they had on the website had the suckers attached - please tell me they don't just leave everything hanging loose...Do flaps come up on the outside or inside, how do they attach, etc?

Anonymous said...

some women wearthe hands free under thier normal bra,but I would think that that would be bulkey.

I never used the bra, its easier for me just to hold then shields. I dont have a desk,and am on my feet most of the time, so this gives me a time to sit and close my eyes and rest.

Sadly, I think my supply has dwindled a little, I only pump twice, 10 and 2 ( feed him at 6am and again at 5pm) I would suggest (as does ellen) to pump at least every three hours.

I unfortunaly can't do that, unless I work an extra half and hour, and I can't do that, because of day care.

I am starting back up on the "More Milk" today, hoping that helps.

ChiefFamilyOfficer said...

Whitney - I'm sorry you're having supply problems - they are truly the worst. I can't live without More Milk Special Blend and I'm not even back at work yet. I know Ellen has some if you need it - it works wonders for me, and I hope it will do the same for you!

Alice - The bra looks like a strapless bra, but with two holes in for shields to rest in. Instead of hooking in the back, it zips up in the front. Like Whitney, I think wearing it under my normal bra would be a bit much, since I would essentially be wearing two bras. As far as I know, there are two other ways to use the hands-free bra: (1) remove your regular bra and put the hands-free bra on; or (2) lower the flaps of your nursing bra, then put the hands-free bra on over it.

FYI, I found a different brand of hands-free bra on but I haven't tried that one.