Jul 27, 2005

Maximizing Your Diaper Dollars

This tip is a moot point for me, since there is only one type of one brand of diapers that fits my son. But maybe it can save others money. I've found that Pampers run a little bit bigger than Huggies, so when your baby moves into a bigger size, start with Huggies. Then as he or she outgrows the Huggies, get Pampers in the same size. You save money because each package of diapers is the same price, regardless of the size, and the smaller the size, the more diapers per package. You could also work Luvs or even the store brand into the mix, but I can't tell you where they fall on the size continuum.

Another note about the number of diapers per package: you may get more or less depending on the type, even in the same brand. For instance, there are more size 2 diapers in a Pampers Baby Dry package than a Pampers Swaddlers package (because the Swaddlers are a little bit more cushy).

It pays to carry a calculator when you're shopping so you can determine the price per diaper in each package (what sleep-deprived parent can do math to two decimal places in his or her head in the middle of Target?). When you see a good deal, stock up, but don't buy more than your child will wear before moving into the next size.

Sometimes, though, there's no point. I've given up trying to save money on diapers by buying different brands - I now save money by sticking with what I know works. I just wish Pampers would hire Alex for a Cruisers commercial!

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