Jul 6, 2005

Do You Know Mutts?

If you read the Sunday comics, you're probably familiar with Patrick McDonnell's strip, Mutts. The main characters are an adorable dog, Earl, and his neighbor cat, Mooch. The art is amazing, although the storyline often leaves something to be desired. The official Mutts website has archived strips, freebies like wallpaper and e-cards, a store with Mutts merchandise, bulletin boards, and information on animal adoption and conservation. Last Christmas, I got my husband a $12 "Box of Nothing," which is exactly what it sounds like - a cute box containing nothing. The proceeds went to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program.

This is a classic Mutts strip:

Mutts Rain Dance

There are over a dozen Mutts books and I think I have them all. The most recent is Who Let The Cat Out?.

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